Talavera Steer Skull Couture Cuff


Is it possible for a skull to be festive?  If it is, this Talavera skull is it!

Its built on 3” wide cuff – it’s stand alone height is 3 ½”

Wear tip:  I often wear cuffs over shirt, sweater, or jackets sleeves which is a fun fashion statement as well as allowing me more versatility wearing larger cuff sizes.


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Obviously, the process started with the skull; then I used the burgundy-brown, blue, orange, green and white enameling as the color spectrum for the rest of the components.

The dyed bone oval that came from an old belt of mine that wasn’t manufactured well and kept falling apart – guess I fixed it permanently by using it for parts.

The glass bead cluster at the back of the scull was a fashion ring.

The cateye had a narrow orange flame at its center, so I mounted it on cuff at an angle that echoed the orange flames on the skull forehead.

There is a big clear bead with a green core that matched the ring around the eyes.

The round bead placed under an eye is speckled white with a white seed bead that works with the white dots accenting the skull colors.

At the ends of the cuff, the hammered copper with blue enameling is a shade close to the blue on the bovine nose.

There is a copper New Mexican roadrunner, a copper buffalo, an orange twisted button, bell with blue and orange bead clapper.



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