PRIMORDIAL OOZE Sculptured Scripture Cuff Bracelet


PRIMORDIAL OOZE Bio: This organic piece feels to me like a picture of light and substance emerging, boiling, swelling forth and forming from matter to…. Gen 1:2-3


But really, it’s a paper weight, and yes, it is heavy!  Rather than depend on a spot of glue under it, all the goodies that swell up, around, and onto it help hold it secure.  Costume jewelry from the 1950-60s make up the other components.  Look for the cat eye marble and the dangle….  This is a mini sculpture that you can wear – engineering degree might have been helpful!


This Art Couture Statement piece is built on 2 1/2” wide brass cuff; and rises approximately 2 ½” making the overall height 4 ½” and 3 ½” at the center top of the cuff.   It will slide down towards the hand on the 8” wrist to make it fairly stable and wearable, but without adjustment it fits the 8”- 9” wrist.  BTW, when a piece is a little too big, I often don’t re-size it, I just wear it over a sweater cuff!

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