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Art Couture Jewelry

Terry Munter of Eye Impact Art creates Art Couture Jewelry – fine art that you can wear. Her one-of-a-kind statement pieces are designed from carefully curated vintage jewelry and memorabilia. Some clients bring their own treasured collection to be crafted into a personalized cuff or necklace. Other clients choose items from Terry’s extensive collection of components.

Whether you opt for a customized work of fine wearable art or purchase one of Terry’s completed creations, your Art Couture will be as unique as you are.

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Works by Terry Munter


One-of-a-kind wearable works of art


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Bringing Art Couture
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For a brief moment, I was alone in my booth at Las Cruces Fine Art Show. A woman who was passing by abruptly stopped, staring at a sculptural bird figurine bracelet displayed on a turn table.  She seemed…