Dragon Ware Butterfly Cup Cuff

Have a cup o’dragon & butterflies… one dragon, two butterflies, a marble, and something dangling. 


This tiny Dragon Ware cup is probably from the 1940s or 50s; all components are from that era as well. 


This piece is built on 2” wide brass cuff; and rises approximately 2” making the overall height 4” and 2 ¼” from edge to edge at the center top of the cuff.   It will slide down towards the hand on a 7” wrist to make it fairly stable and wearable, but without adjustment it fits the 7”- 8” wrist.


Notice:  While the piece usually tells me when it’s done, occasionally, at a later date, I find something that “just needs to go in that spot” to enhance it – don’t be surprised if it’s even better than pictured.


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