Custom Memory Heirloom Plate

This was a plate saved from her past then we added a bunch of tidbits of things and jewelry from her past and her mom and aunt… the marble, watch, angel, Tortolani Tree of Life pin & earrings, buttons, and an “S” representing her name.

I added a few extras from my extensive vintage component stock to give it a fuller look.

Now, she has it out on display rather than all those little pieces being hidden away in a drawer.


WORLD WISE:  20% of every EYE IMPACT sale goes to World Vision; an organization that actively works to improve the lives of impoverished, bring clean water, healthcare, and education to peoples around the world.


This is another memory piece I did for the same person in lavender, greens, and clears. (Click on Pic)

Something to notice:  I use tiny glass beads to make a caviar paste to hide any glue, unsightly findings, and in general enhance and strengthen the piece -  it is something that takes extra time, and materials, but is the difference between looking ordinary or beautiful…

Part of my process is laying items on the plate and moving them around until they look balanced in color and textures.




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