Grandmas Silver Thimble Custom Art Story Cuff

Recently, I met with someone and she really didn’t have an idea of the story she wanted told, but simply brought me a jewelry box that she said, “didn’t have much in it”; yet, I took home a sandwich bag of things that I turned into an easy-to-wear (not wide, nor tall cuff) that totally was her story!


The Sterling thimble that belonged to her Grand Mother was important to her.   So, construction started with that thimble; then a Zuni style earring, southwestern silver and turquoise/malacite stud earrings and pendants, a funky little square bell, two roadrunners (she lives in New Mexico), an artsy brutalist ring, tiny thunderbird charm, a single squash blossom, a charm from her Alma Mater, and a couple snowflakes that she wasn’t sure where she acquired!


Then, I just used my extensive stock to fill in around her components.   Here is another piece created for her  Custom Gold & Silver Story Cuff

It is built on a textured blank silver tone metal cuff that was 1 ¼” at its widest and tapered to ½” at the ends.  We formed it to her wrist before starting construction, but it just as easily could have been a necklace or sculpture.


Most of us have little bits of memorabilia from our lives that are tiny tethers to our past.  Some things remind us of people we love, or contributed to our lives in some way – I’m not talking ‘serial killing’ here, but you might be surprised what you have sitting in a box or drawer that you’ve practically forgotten until it falls out, or you are digging for something else and you come across that doo-dad and for a moment you are transported to another time & place in your mind. I have an entire questionnaire that helps YOU and I figure out what your story might include… 




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