Mottled Rust & Cream Glass Structural Art Cuff

This Art Glass paper weight looks like globs of cream blended with caramel, and ripe strawberries all mixed into a delicious smoothie!


Added are faux pearl earrings, a copper wrapped natural stone with tiny seed pearls, copper leaves, cording, vintage cream-colored fabric belt, seeds, long wood (formerly earrings) link components, a beautiful moss agate oval cabochon, dyed bone dangles, art Murano glass beads, shell beads, and… a vintage marble chosen because it looks like a mini version of the paper weight.

Unique structural art cuff from Eye Impact Art! It is built on a 3” brass cuff blank and rises 2 ¾” making the standing height 4 5/8” x 3 ¼” x 3”

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Why marbles, Terry? Because they are little mini bits of art glass?   Well, while that may be true; many of us played with marbles as toys when we were kids, but not me; I didn’t want to crack, break, or mar them, I just collected them!  I loved how tactile they were – smooth and cool – sometimes I’d just run my hand around on them – a non-addictive, mild sedative.


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