Free Swinging Chain Contemporary Art Couture Necklace

Simple clean lined inspired by an architectural perspective.  Modern gold tone plated ribbed disc with a mottled center stone accented with a citrine-colored peewee marble and a treaded coral plastic with a bead at its center.

Dangling beneath is a stack of beads of different materials including a flat shard of un-determined origin; as well as 15 strands of GT chains – in various links and diameters.

Truly, it’s all rescued materials.

The centerpiece is 2 1/8” x 7 ½”, it adjusts in length up to 23 ½” for a longer, sleeker shape with the ability to adjust to a different neckline.

Note:  marbles, dangles, and caviar are ‘signatures’ of mine that you’ll find on most of my art pieces… as well as my Eye Impact by TM tag.


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