Custom Gold & Silver Story Cuff

Recently, I met with someone and she really didn’t have an idea of the story she wanted told, but simply brought me a jewelry box that she said, “didn’t have much in it”; yet, I took home a sandwich bag of things that I turned into two easy-to-wear (not wide, nor tall cuffs) that were totally hers!  I just used my extensive stock to fill in around her components.

The first cuff is centered around three most-important-to-her items:

  1. A pair of artsy modern dangle earrings her mom bought her in San Francisco years ago;
  2. A pair of sizable bi-colored metal and rhinestone round earrings that were her favorites to wear “These are totally me!” but were no longer in style (and she is in the fashion industry.)
  3. A tiny pin that represented her first job out of college.

One of a kind custom-made vintage bracelet cuff from Eye Impact Art.  This unique bracelet cuff is full of items that represent more of my client's life:  she’s a mom so there is a pin conveying that; a letter R pin that is the first initial in her name; an organization pin she belonged to with her mom; a rhinestone studded pin that declared she is the Boss!  It is built on a ¾” wide brass cuff that we formed to her wrist before I started construction, but just as easily could have been a necklace or sculpture.


I do public speaking presentations about my art that are intriguing, informative, entertaining, while offering a service to a group or individuals.

For more information about custom creations:

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