Robins & Pine Cones on Celtic Pottery Pitcher Structural Art


A talented potter friend of mine occasionally has items that he considers “rejects” for whatever reason – what to do with those quality clay creations?  Well, enter me!  I gave those items new life by applying my particular brand of magic.


It stands 10+” tall, 13” at it’s widest, and 9” across the jug portion on a 5 ½” base.


See the pictures of it next to the toaster, on a wicker chair, for perspective – oh yeah, and the one with our 9 pound tabby cat investigating.


It works well as a functional piece of home décor – think, tall textured  grasses and branches.


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Lovely copper colored pottery pitcher.  One of the best complements:  The potter of this lovely pitcher commented, “Wow!  I would have never thought of using copper – really looks great with the red-brown-glaze.”

This pitcher is beautiful in its own right, but then I added the robin pair, and copper leaves from an outdated wall decoration.  Amber rhinestones, beads, and some cool lacquered pinecones and have it all streaming like willow branches.

Yes, there are my signatures… look in the handle under the bird - it is a boulder marble; and under the spout is a tri-star dangle.

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