Celestial Starburst Couture Necklace


At the center is an enameled 1950-60s copper plate 3 3/8” in diameter that is also artist signed on the back.  The colors swirled at the center setting the theme of the piece – eerie alien green, yellows, greens, white, and black. 


The center of the star burst nebulae is a rose button off a business suit I used to wear.  Look for two man-in-the-moon (one is a dangle), and of course, a marble! 


See the sister piece that I created about the same time with another enameled copper plate https://www.eyeimpactart.com/product/flowers-lightning-necklace/



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The centerpiece is 4” deep. This necklace adjusts in length with a heavy metal link chain from 15” to 24 ½” so it can be worn to flatter any neckline on a variety of garments!

While it is a rather simple concept piece, in its execution, there are over 100 separate pieces (some larger, some tiny) incorporated into this creation.  This translate to time and hence the pricing.






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