Bird in the Bush Porcelain Figurine Show Piece


This 1950s bird figurine was on a base of rock, so I tilted him a little more and built his rock foundation up, then surrounded him with bushy garden of hoops and rhinestones, art glass and other reclaimed vintage jewelry.


There is a brooch pin done by Wendy Gell that was damaged, but has new life here!  (read more about her below)


This Show piece is built on 3” wide brass cuff; and rises approximately 4 1/2” making the overall height 6 1/2” and 5” from tip of beak to tip of tail (at the center top of the cuff.)   It will slide down towards the hand on the 7 1/2” wrist to make it fairly stable and wearable, but without adjustment it fits the 7 1/2”- 8 1/2” wrist…


BTW, I have worn this piece, and of course, it is not every day wear for most, but it is beautiful on an end table under a light!


And speaking of how it looks under light…  read the little story that happened at a Fine Art Show where I was displaying it on a rotating stand:



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Wendy Gell – 1980s Designer

Wendy Gell is just as colorful today as she was when in the 1980s when her designs adorned the “Who’s Who” of the fashion and celebrity worlds.

I met her when she was conducting a workshop in Seattle… not only did I love her jewelry, I wanted to learn more about using glues (which she uses in construction of her goodies.)   Since we were both staying with a long-time friend of mine, we were the three stooges for a few days – hanging out and laughing a lot.  Since our paths have crossed in fun, learning and respect.

Her style is distinctive and as many creative people do, she doesn’t just do “jewelry”… she has a website where you can see and learn more!  And, many examples of her work can be found on Etsy, Ebay, and beyond!

I really like this article about her by Milinda Lewis


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