Layered Alabaster Egg Couture Bracelet


This is a weighty piece, but it IS wearable – you can get a little weight lifting in along with your art couture! 


Perhaps you need two egg cuff so your weight lifting is balanced!


Gray, white and golden-tan are the primary colors, because those are the colors found in the egg (yes, there was a golden-tan seam in it.)  The colors are certainly a neutral pallet that goes-with-everything in your closet without clashing.







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This couture bracelet make fabulous statement piece.  It is built on 3” wide brass cuff; and rises approximately 2 ½” making the overall height 4 ½”.  It will slide down towards the hand on the 7 1/2” wrist to make it stable and wearable, but without adjustment it fits the 7 1/2”- 8” wrist.

Truly, there is something going on from every angle.  Can you find the vintage marble, old cuff links, and 1950s soft plastic flower earrings? 

I love movement and on this piece, the movement is hanging from the side in the form of gray faux pearl chains.

Find the perfect couture bracelet!  See more my custom cuffs. 


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