Wood Roadrunner Art Necklace


Which way did they go?!   They ran off in opposite directions!  But… I captured them and corralled the former 1940s bird pins on this necklace.


A cool vintage cateye marble anchors the center with lots of faux pearls in different colors, some rhinestones as eyes and a cord from an old bolo tie to adjust to any neckline.

When not worn, they’ll make you smile as a wall hanging!

The centerpiece is 5 ¾” from tips of beaks and about 2 ¼” deep.


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This whimsical Wood Roadrunner Art Necklace makes a great statement piece!  Only found in the Southwest, the roadrunner is also the state bird of New Mexico.  Adopted under the name "Chaparral Bird", the roadrunner is a favorite amongst locals in New Mexico. Called "El Correcaminos" in Spanish, the comical roadrunner prefers running to flying and has been clocked at speeds of 15 miles per hour. They are approximately 22 inches in length and their diet consists of insects, lizards, centipedes, mice and snakes.”

And, as so many things in the Land of Enchantment, it has a spiritual meaning.   Often associated with several positive ideas and concepts.  Known for their speed and courage, these fascinating birds bring good fortune. Additionally, they chase away evil and people admire and love roadrunners for their impressive skills.

Ever watch the old Warner Bros. cartoon?  Do coyotes really chase Roadrunners?   See this link for the answer…  http://www.thelivingcoast.org/do-roadrunners-get-chased-by-coyotes/

And, of course, Wikipedia.org, has more information to satisfy your curiosity.

And on a personal note, they make me smile whenever I have the good fortune to see them. Whether out in the desert wild, in a big parking lot in Albuquerque, or a dike in Las Cruces.

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