Assemblage Necklace with Sea Bound Sailing Ship Art


Easy-to-wear, light weight necklace consisting of seashells, pebbles, carved abalone shell bird, vintage buttons with sailing ships and metal shanks, with a sizable flat medallion carved with a sail boat.


I am not sure of what the medallion is made of – I know its not Bakelite nor celluloid, but could be plastic (there are cut marks) or antler (seems to have growth lines, but could be cut marks) or tortoise shell of old (not legal to harvest now.)

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The centerpiece is 3” x 1” with the dangle adding 2”; the black chain is adjustable from 13” to 23” depending on the collar/neckline of the wearer, or space usage as a wall piece or display case.

I use tiny glass beads to make a paste called caviar to hide any glue, brass plate, and in general enhance and strengthen the piece - in this case the caviar looks like sea sand!


BTW, while its not dishwasher/microwave tested, the kind of adhesives I use putting these together, they will handle a light dunking in without problem – just like a regular boat!


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