Peaches & Cream Necklace

Yummy enough to eat, but it’ll look better around your throat.  Actually, it’s “Wall Worthy” = hanging it on your wall rather than having in a jewel box or laying on a shelf!


Bright rhinestones add twinkle to this soft gold tone metal to the peachy pink and faux pearls. I love movement, so there are four dangling pale pink hearts beside the old floral spay pin. Also, nestled in is an old marble, folded Czech glass roses; and finished off with golden glass caviar beads.   The chains are festooned slightly for a nice draping effect.


The centerpiece is 4” deep including the dangles.   Not every woman feels comfortable wearing chokers, so this necklace adjusts in length from 16” to 18 ½” so it can be worn to flatter any neckline!


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