Glamour-saurus Sculptural Art Couture


This is a Glamour-saurus – not found in any book!  The glaze on the original clay piece is a beautiful blue, purple with earthy browns showing through, so that set the color pallet for the rest.  Not everybody can carry off wearing chains around the neck!


It has a piece of leaded stained glass, another tiny dino pin; the big globe of glass is an old marble and has a look of volcanic glass as does another piece added as accents below it. Lots of vintage jewelry components.  There’s a couple actual, natural rocks in it too!

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This piece is sizable, hence the "showpiece" status.  Although I have had a lot of fun wearing it, I also realize not everyone would see it as a day wear... It's great with jeans.

I found the clay critter at a thrift shop and thought the glaze was pretty with it being earthy brown, turquoise, and a purple color.

It is built on a 3" brass cuff and rises 3.25" above it making its stand alone height of 4.75".  It currently fits the 8" wrist although with my 7" wrist I usually wear it over a sweater or long sleeve of some sort.

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