Exotic Fish Cloisonné Necklace


The focal point is the copper brown fish with pink tinges of color at its tail tips on an unusual shaped cloisonné piece (formerly a lid to a trinket box) of tan and rich royal blue scalloped edging.


Things to notice:  tiny pink glass leaves scattered throughout, gold painted ruffled seed pod beads, wood components, the vintage marble, vintage earrings and the brass & copper be-flowered rectangular dangle at the bottom of the design.




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This uniquely decorated Exotic Fish Cloisonné Necklace was finished off with bronze micro bead caviar paste.  This helps to add strength to the construction as well as beauty.  Cloisonné is an ancient technique for decorating metalwork objects. In antiquity, the cloisonné technique was mostly used for jewelry and small fittings for clothes, weapons or similar small objects.  Decorated with geometric or schematic designs, they included thick partitioned walls.

During the Byzantine Empire, the process included thinner wires.  Consequently, religious images and jewelry became commonplace.  By the 14th century, this enamel technique had spread to China.  And used for much larger vessels such as bowls and vases. The technique remains common in China to the present day. Cloisonné pieces using Chinese styles began to appear in the West in the 18th century.  (Learn More)

What's more, the center piece is 5 ½” x 4 ½”; the necklace adjusts in length from 14 1/2” to 21 ½” which gives the wearer a lot of flexibility in wardrobe selection!  In addition, there are nearly 50 components are on this piece.

By the way, there is a sister cuff to this Exotic Fish Cloisonné Necklace, an Owl Elephant Story Cuff. Click the image to see more pictures and learn its story!


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