Flowers in a Lightning Storm Enameled Copper Couture Necklace


The centerpiece is an enameled copper plate 3 3/8” in diameter that is also artist signed on the back. 

The colors swirled at the center set the theme of the piece – lavender pink, orange, coral, carnelian, gray, and white.  There are art glass beads incorporated with an old brooch, enameled floral earrings from the 1950s, a white & black swirled Lucite ring, rhinestones, and a sequined fringed Dynasty styled earring for the dangle. 


The marble that is one of my trademarks is hiding in plain sight! 


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The centerpiece is 3.75” deep with the dangle adding another 2 ¼”.  Not every woman feels comfortable wearing chokers, so this necklace adjusts in length with a silver-toned metal link chain from 13 ½” to  22” so it can be worn to flatter any neckline AND a variety of garments!

Black goes with EVERYTHING, doesn't it?!

See the sister piece that I created about the same time with another enameled copper plate


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