EISENBERG Flower Fur Clip

What a delight!  Heavily gold tone plated metal multi layered construction with a huge faux emerald at its center – prong set in a closed back cup.  I love how each petal has its own individual characteristics – symmetrical overall, yet higher design elements.

Eisenberg Flower Fur Clip is the perfect addition to your collection. In the 1930s-40s, fur coats of various types were very popular.  However, a regular pin clasp didn’t work well – hence, the double prong.  These days we don’t wear furs much, but I wear these old beauties as pins and for added security, insert into the fabric as you would a pin – then wrap a rubber band around the tip, or use those rubber earring stops to keep it secure.

It is 2 ¼” across – the center stone is 1” all by itself!  Marked on back is "EISENBERG ORIGINALS".  It is in excellent, never-worn condition – came from a serious collector who is now downsizing, so it will meet the standards of the most discerning.

Historically, EISENBERG ORIGINALS was a line of high-end clothing with lovely pin embellishments also of their design. But the pins kept walking away from the garments, so the Company decided to carry the jewelry line separately.  

"Known for its use of Swarovski crystals and colored stones, as well as superior craftsmanship and attention to detail, Eisenberg & Sons was one of the most highly regarded costume jewelry manufacturers in the 1930s and '40s. The company was famous for its replicas of 18th-century fine jewelry; which appeared authentic right down to the pewter-colored metal. Eisenberg also produced stunning figurals, often set in sterling silver." Source


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