Earth Angel Jasper Wood Box Assemblage


The tall ceramic angel is actually a bell (I secured the clapper inside) with an Italian Fontani Simonetti cherub is hidden beneath her wing; and, the old heavy amber glass blossom shades the cherub’s fair head.   A matching amber glass leaf crosses in front of the angel and there is an echoing design component in wood lying behind the figurine on the “ground” of the box lid.


Of course, the vintage marble element is present as a rusty steely is almost hidden amongst the rocks; a couple nesting baby birds, and an owl… all things to play “I see something” with your eyes!



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This wonderful wood box assemblage is perfect for the collector in your life!  The box is 9” x 6” x 3” and is a beauty in of itself!  In addition, it is complete with all the fancy, quality craftsmanship.  It features a handle and checker board effect of different colored woods!

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There are over a hundred years of quality and tradition in the art of creating Fontanini statues.  That is to say, these beloved figurines have been in production for over four generations.  Established in 1908 in Bagni di Lucca, the brand has become internationally recognized.  What's more it is now a synonym of an expression of high-class craftsmanship. For example, the brand is now associated with nativities and high quality religious articles.

The success of the company lies in its production.  Likewise, each figure must always share the characteristics of warmth, sincerity, love and passion of all those who helped to create these marvelous pieces. Moreover, the desire to continue this ancient tradition is the key to future success.

"Active since 1908, the Fontanini company keeps to the old tradition of Lucchesi figurine designers. Nativity set figurines and angels are evidence of this type of creation. From a few centimeters to larger dimensions, they are symbol of happiness and sweetness, bearing a message of peace and indicating a brotherly friendship."

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