Demented Xmas Sculptural Art Cuff


All the trappings of the season, but none of the heart of it!


The 1940s red-garbed elf looks just a little bit evil!  There is a Santa pin with red rhinestone eyes and mouth that looks like he is a little hot-under-the-collar, not his usual jolly self.  And, then there is a 1950s crab in holiday colored rhinestones.


The owl is wrapping a present (not your usual representation of the winter holiday) and is marked SUZY’S ZOO 1978 on its base; another Santa/Elf that looks a little creepy!

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This Demented Sculptural Art Cuff was made from more than 65 components!  on the 2 ½” wide brass cuff; it rises 3 ¼” making its overall height 5”.   Even the way the piece sits is just a little “off center”, which I did purposefully so it supports the story - yet it is quite stable in a couple different positions, but each is asymmetrical!

Trolls are not usually associated with traditional Christmas, but here one is a green haired petite angel peeking from behind a big double bell which also "cages" a white vintage marble!

Look for all kinds of Christmas trappings in this sculptural art cuff.  You will notice a tack of Santa carrying a big bag that reads, “Jesus is Coming”.  You will also see a be-lighted tree, a present candy cane, poinsettias, holly leaves (not the usual green) and berries.  There is also a green tree light bulb, and a tiny dangling angel, remember I like movement.  The edge of the cuff is a braided red & gold ribbon.


Have you ever read the Dean Koontz illustrated story poem, “Santa’s Twin?” The fake Santa looked good, but was deranged! 

Sculptural Art Cuff Inspired by Dean Koontz

Or, a Stephen King novel where everything looks normal.  Except its just a bit off kilter making the reader (after about 200 pages) feeling very uncomfortable!  Sculptural Art Cuff Inspired by It


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