Bird Song Custom Cuff Bracelet


A pretty bird adorns the 1950s porcelain bell, the thimble also sports a tiny meadowlark, and the straw flower embedded Lucite dome was formerly an earring.  A clear vintage marble nests inside the thimble, three tiny butterflies flit amongst the flowers and the big lacey flower with rhinestones is soft plastic from the 1950s.  A piece of art glass dangles from the side – just because I love movement!


All mounted on a not-so-old 2” wide fashion cuff.  Since the whole composition is light weight, it is fairly balanced atop the 2” wide not-so-old fashion cuff which is beaded and be-sequined for a bit of subtle pizazz.


Easy to wear, or, put it on your nightstand so it will put a little song in your heart when you awake in the morning.


Notice:  While the piece usually tells me when it’s done, occasionally later, I find something that “just needs to go in that spot” to enhance it – don’t be surprised if it’s even better than pictured.

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This wonderful custom cuff bracelet was developed and inspired from my love of marbles.  Many of us played with marbles as toys when we were kids… not me.  I didn’t want to crack, break, or mark them I just wanted to collect them!  I loved how tactile they were – smooth and cool – sometimes I’d just run my hand around on them – a non-addictive, mild sedative.

Clearie or puries came in any colored glass and always made me think of a crystal ball – I just loved gazing into them and thinking about the universe looking like a marble in God’s eyes…. Pretty deep thought for a kid!

Look for the marble in all my art!


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