Amethyst Orchid Fairy Figurine Art Couture Cuff; Display or Wear


Adorned in eggplant & pearls, Penelope personifies casual elegance.  What originally were French pearlescent poured glass earrings from the 1950s, now decorate her chapeau as do enameled flowers.  Also, faux pearls with tiny mauve seed beads from a rope of them worn in the roaring 20s (please know that no INTACT jewels were harmed in the making of this up-cycled statement piece.)

This is part of a trio of faeries… wouldn’t they look great displayed together.   





I take the utmost care in quality, creativity and design in choosing components to incorporate into my designs.   I don’t skimp… it might be alright with 5 pieces, but 10 components is fuller, has more texture, and more color.  I could save time and expense by skipping the glass caviar beads I use to finish a piece so there is little or no glue or metal showing,  but I just can’t bring myself to do it!

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This Statement piece is built on 2” wide brass cuff; and rises approximately 4” making the overall height 5 ¼” and 4” from edge to edge at the center top of the cuff.   It will slide down towards the hand on an 7 ½” wrist to make it fairly stable and wearable, but without adjustment it fits an 7”- 8 ½” wrist.


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