All is Calm Nativity Assemblage Cuff


All is calm…  I gave the babe a little golden halo around his head; look for a cross, angel, dove of peace, a couple bees, a hand holding a human in its palm (United Way), as well as vintage buttons and Lucite confetti earrings.


My favorite component is a baby picture from a 1950s charm bracelet… because it reminds me that as that child was loved, so Jesus was loved by His mother Mary and His Heavenly Father!

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The border of the this Nativity Assemblage Cuff was formerly a long necklace of aquamarine, peridot, amethyst, and crystal chips.  I have also incorporated them into the sculpture on tiny pins as accents.

It is built on a 3” wide brass cuff and the resin figurine rises 2 ½” making its standing height 4 ½”.

Has a coordinating neck piece…. just click on the image to see more pics!


I construct the bottom edges of the Nativity Assemblage Cuff to be flat so that the piece will stand alone, and if worn while writing or key boarding it will not bang on things.  These are wearable although many acquire them as mini sculptures.

I often wear cuffs over shirt, sweater, or jackets sleeves which is a fun fashion statement as well as allowing me more versatility wearing larger cuff sizes.


A word about my quality control… nearly everything I create has been dropped a number of times by the time it is finished!  Sometimes, it bounces on carpet from a height, sometimes several feet to a ceramic tile floor!  As you might imagine, that really tests the integrity of my construction.  If something breaks, I fix it, but you can be confident that it will stand up to gentle wearing.  You can wear them to a garden party, but not gardening – you can wear them to a baseball game, but not to play baseball.  You get the picture!




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