Abacus Dragonware Art Couture Necklace


The theme of this piece is set by the 3 ¼” plate from Japan with an enameled dragon.  The colors are muted black with grays, pinks, and ivory.  The metal tones are subdued gold tones and silvers.  Look for the functioning abacus, and a marble. 


The centerpiece is 3.75” deep with the dangle adding another 1”.  Not every woman feels comfortable wearing chokers, so this necklace adjusts in length with a metal link chain from 13” to 20” so it can be worn to flatter any throat.


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This piece is currently on display for sale at Catherine’s Cache in Old Town, Albuquerque, New Mexico.

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Dragonware is a type of pottery called Moriage which has been produced for more than a century and is still being produced.

White dragons are the most frequent subjects, hence the name.  Original Nipponese Dragonware has very ornate, detailed designs that wrap around the entire piece.  The background porcelain can be one of many colors although most common is the black to gray shades.

Some other examples of me incorporating Dragonware into Art Couture:




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