Tonola Perez Pottery Desert Bird Cuff


Bio:  Peering through the woods and desert grasses is this earthy clay bird from Mexico.

Black feathered with white enamel fired glaze dots and a little dark green too make up the plumage of this bird signed on the bottom of its pedestal (now not visable) Tonala Perez JAL Mexico.  One of my favorite parts is the geode slice above the dangling black glass bead.  The tubes seem to be natural stone turned into beads, but all the spikes reminded me of bush and grasses. There are also seed pods, wooden beads, polished pebble stone, and my signature old marble.                                   By TM

This Easy-to-wear piece is built on 1 ½” wide brass cuff; and rises approximately 2 ¼” making the overall height 4” and 1 ¾” from edge-to-edge at the center top of the cuff design.   It will slide down towards the hand on a 7” wrist to make it fairly stable and wearable, but without adjustment it fits the 6 ½”- 7 ½” wrist.

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