Wearable Art Couture Custom Gift

This is an EXAMPLE of a lovely little necklace I did as a thank you to someone who gifted me a bag of jewelry to me for which she no longer had a purpose..


It is a SAMPLE of more “wearable” (about 2” x 2” on a thinner chain) pieces that I do – usually as a custom piece for someone.


Because necklaces fit a broader range of human sizes, it makes an easy gift.  Great thing for the “something old”, “something new” for a bride.  Or, commemorative – I often hear, “grandma had all this costume jewelry and she wanted the daughters/grand daughters to have them, yet the original jewelry isn’t something they would wear… I make each a wearable assemblage in small/medium/large/extra large size/impact preferences to suit their tastes – or, perhaps it becomes a display piece.




Hopefully, you are getting the idea….

Pricing is based on complexity and size:

Extra Small Composition - $99

Small (2” x 2”) - $125

Medium (3 x 2) - $175

Larger (3 x 4) - $250

Wearable Art Display Piece - $350 up

NOTE: The photos show some tiny gold beads... I call them caviar for obvious reasons - they are tiny glass beads that I mix with glue to create a paste that allows me to enhance the creation by hiding any unsightly findings or glue and in general enhance its appearance and strength.


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