Vintage White Lenox Swan Cuff Bracelet


This lovely piece started life as a Lenox Swan place card holder from the almost bygone days of formal dining.  You will notice the Trifari watch face – actually, the watch band and clasp are used too!


One of my favorite features on this delicate piece is the pin at the swan’s side that curls up like a water wave or spray; the satiny faux pearls made me think of bubbles of foam and air.  The vintage marble is a “clearie” that is in keeping with the bubbles as well as color scheme.

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This White Swan Cuff Bracelet is a little more delicate feeling than some of my more sizable pieces.  Built on a 1 ½” wide brass cuff, the figurine is set diagonally.  This makes the overall dimensions 2 ½” x 4” x 4 ½”.

BTW, while its not dishwasher/microwave tested, the kind of adhesives I used in constructing this waterfowl piece, means it will handle a light dunking in dishwater without problem.

This cuff can be easily adapted to suit any occasion by changing out the charm hanging from the edge - from an anniversary, birthday, graduation or wedding – endless possibilities!

I find drawn to bird figurines as centerpieces… Bird in the Bush Show Piece

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