Twin Dragon Cloisonne Necklace Costume Assemblage


There is a dragon on both sides of the fringe tasseled brown enameled cloisonné pendant which hangs from a large vintage faux pearl under a cool old burnished bronze colored metal button, with an amber glass peewee marble, and flanked with glowing faux pearl phoenix birds (old buttons.)


This piece is one that has been rebuilt by me to strengthen & simplify the design.


The longer length is flattering for everybody shape and hangs nicely.  The center section length from the top of the bib to the bottom of the fringe is 6 1/2″, and because the width is only 4” it manages not to feel massive – just an understated statement piece (yes, that is possible!)


It adjusts in length from 15 to 23” in length with an alligator clasp with the link chain being open enough to make it perfect to wear with a variety of garments.  Plus, it looks spectacular as wall décor.


Product Review: 

“Love it!!   The angle of the bow makes my eyes happy!   What a beautiful and fun piece!”                J. Castle

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This beautifully decorated twin dragon pendant necklace is a perfect for any outfit.   For instance, it looks great with business attire, evening events, or casually with jeans.  I often wear similar necklaces with a sweatshirt or simple tee-shirt at home because, as I always say,  "Life is too short to not wear something beautiful every day!"

How many movies can you think of with the name or subject matter of dragons?!  “Dragon Heart”, “How to Train a Dragon”, “Shrek”, “Pete’s Dragon”, Harry Potter series, The Hobbit, “Maleficent”, “Mulan”, “Eragon”, “Never Ending Story”, “Chronicles of Narnia” … it’s a long list.

Further, there are Renaissance Fairs, Fantasy Conventions… and that isn’t touching the Sci-fi direction!

And, dragons are a subject matter I enjoy incorporating in my art, too. Abacus Dragonware Art Couture Necklace  Dragonware Structural Art Cuff with Yellow Mini Pitcher  Happy Dragon Hunting!!


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