Talavera Frog Star Art Couture Necklace


This hand-painted traditional ceramic from Mexico has star quality… check out the gold and rhinestone star with dangling chains.  There is a heart, tiny framed butterfly charm, art glass beads, 1950s Coro earrings, and other rhinestone costume jewelry.

One of my “signature” components is present with the orange glass marble that probably started life in a Chinese Checkers game.

Another larger frog necklace… https://eyeimpactart.com/product/frog-necklace-in-orange/

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The centerpiece is 5” x 3” with extra 1” ball chain fringe hanging from gold tone plated chain that adjust in length to flatter any neck and body shape.  Isn’t that the way “couture” should work?

Frog Fiesta Cuff in Green

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