Porcelain Love Bird Bracelet


Two ivory bisque porcelain birds are snuggling together.  One’s eyes are open and the other’s closed; yellow beaks and a really, bad case of adorable!


There are a couple wiry looking “bushes” that were 50s screwback earrings, white plastic floret cluster earring, golden leaf & faux pearls, a yellow cateye marble, glass dewdrops, faceted Lucite beads, gold paint slashed pearls.

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This elegantly decorated Porcelain Bird Bracelet is perfect for any occasion.  The expansion band was formerly on a men’s watch, and now makes this bracelet super comfortable to wear, especially on a larger wrist – wearable by the smaller person over a sleeve or jacket – I could also remove it and the “nest” would work as a cake topper celebrating another type of love birds.

The top piece measures 3 ½” x 2 ½” x 1 ¾”, the band is ¾” wide

I got to thinking where the term “lovebird” came from.  As it turns out they are actual live birds!  Parrots!  The name of the genus of parrot comes from the strong, monogamous pair bonding.  What's more, they feed each other and the long periods which the couples spend sitting together.  Oh, they don’t eat chocolate!



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