Compact Lipstick Historical Golden Couture Cuff


Old is new again… the pressed powder compact is from the 1930-1940s and still has its pad applicator, the slender tube of lipstick is 1970-ish is kind of an ugly color and all dried out, but I’ve engineered both to sill open and operate as intended.

A mesh draped bow which was formerly a dress clip sits on one side of the cuff.  This is one of my favorites!  There are also a couple veined leaves, stars, love knots, blossoms, several old buttons, a heart, and a stemmed rose, an angel and of course, a vintage cateye marble.

I have also worn this cuff with this necklace for an absolutely opulent look!  Midas Touch Golden Compact Case & Amber Art Couture Necklace

Its not unusual for me to incorporate collectible cosmetic items.  Take a look!

Sweet Cheeks Skunk Cuff

Blue Cloisonne & Lipstick Art Couture Necklace

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This incredible Golden Couture Cuff is perfect for any occasion.  Made from a very unique collection of items which sit atop a 2 ½” wide brass cuff.  While it has an impressive, bold appearance with a low profile, it is easy to wear as a cuff or bangle.   I also found a website devoted to collecting compacts. Who knew?!




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