Encrusted Blue Silver Red Framed Memories

Customized frame filled with memories as a wall hanging…


This piece was commissioned as a gift to a sister.  The subject was their mom, so everything on it was about their lives.  Every object had a reason for being there – over 50 items from a small bead to the Sterling compact artfully arranged.

Using a 5” x 7” black frame, all pieces are mounted to it – has quite a little heft to it because of the weight of all the components (see description below.)


Approximate cost  to create something similar… $350

Old flap jack sized powder compact made of Sterling and mono-gramed with the initial S for Susan.  There’s a Sieko watch, a couple rhinestone pins, two lockets that I mounted so they still open – the round gold one has pictures inside of parents in the 60s; a wooden cross with a silver tone one mounted as a shadow; a gold tone perfume vial with red embellishment, a number of marbles, blue rhinestones set in lacy silver tone metal that are laid on the frame with the matching Coro earrings in the corners.  There are several red maple leaves because Susan was from Canada; a double strand of faux pearls, several charms from different organizations; and two rings mounted around marbles so the tops face outwards.  Finished with pearl caviar.


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