Blue Bird Talavera Bracelet | Tile Art Cuff

The blue bird tile is mounted atop an old blue/green early plastic buckle which creates a frame and shelf for added components; a blue glass button, aqua clear peewee marble, beads, and a turquoise wheel bead that spins on its wire.

This Blue Bird Talavera Bracelet is a beautiful addition to any collection and is a sure conversation starter.  What's more, it is perfect for any occasion, this bracelet is sure to turn heads!  You'll first notice a Talavera tile as its centerpiece.  Talavera pottery is a Mexican and Spanish pottery tradition.  It is named after the Spanish Talavera de la Reina pottery from Talavera de la Reina, in Spain.  Talavera pottery is mostly used to make functional items.  These include items such as plates, bowls, jars, flowerpots, sinks, religious items and decorative figures. However, a significant use of the ceramic is for tiles.  These tiles decorate both the inside and outside of buildings in Mexico, especially in the city of Puebla. (Source)

The 1+” brass cuff wings on this Blue Bird Talavera Bracelet have three faceted plastic oval “stones”.  This helps makes the piece lighter to wear.  Bordered with a moss green cord, and then encrusted with tiny satin gold beads and finished with emerald green caviar paste.  The paste adds strength to the construction as well as add subtle sparkle.

I created three pieces at the same time as this one.  Have a matched set?!


Just click on the photo to get more information on the other pieces...


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