Animal Print Stone Egg Couture Cuff


The center piece is a stone egg carved and painted in three sections; the tip looks like a leopard print on a variegated brown background; the middle section is a black and eggshell white zebra pattern; and the final portion in similar shades but carved and painted to look like a cracked desert floor in Africa.


Other components: a former bangle enameled black acts as a halo to the egg, a cool thread weaving, vintage buttons, sections of hammered brass/bronze/silver that used to be parts of a bracelet, a hoop earring of stitched leather; spikes of earth tone beads, and a carved stone ram, a cateye marble, and a dangle of black faceted glass beads.


I do love egg shapes and the solidity of stone… here is another!

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The woven leather edge on this 3” wide cuff was formerly a bolo tie; the structure rises 2” making the overall height 3 ¾”.

The weight of this piece makes it less wearable and more of an unusual structurally complex art sculpture for display.

FETISH: The ram is probably created for the tourist market, however, in native Pueblo culture, the ram symbol is thought to help increase their herds.  If you want to learn more about Zuni fetish…


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