Lenox Loving Heart Art Couture Necklace


Lenox Bone Ware is the focal point of this neck piece.  The china heart formally was a lid to a trinket box, and the angel holding a harp is a Lenox lapel pin.


Look for a lacey/loopy Monet necklace, a vintage clear marble atop a creamy flower, a variety of rhinestone studded earrings and recycled vintage faux pearls.  The gold tone of the accents and metals is a soft, muted shade (not a high, bright gold.)


At its center it is 4 ½” with another 2” in the dangling loop of pearls.  It adjusts in length from 19 to 21 ½” with a hook and chain clasp.

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White heart necklace made right here in America!

Lenox started in the late 1800s and was known in the early 19th century for its elaborate decorated plates and the success led to producing complete sets of dinnerware.  Some of the company’s most famous designs have been in production for over fifty years.  Clearly a byproduct of hiring talented, award winning designers.

Over the years, the corporation changed its name many times.  This was likely to reflect the needs of a given era and as well as a business.  Regardless of the date on the calendar, the name LENOX has always been synonymous with quality and beauty meeting practical purpose.

Aside from countless chinaware with diverse purposes, it has also produced serving pieces, vases and decorative items.  You can also find carried table cloths, napkins and nearly any other product that supported fine living wares.  The company partnered with other prestigious companies like Gorham Manufacturing Company, Department 56, and Dansk International.

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