White Elephant Princess Structural Art Couture Cuff


She tells everyone the scar on her hip is a beauty mark, but most the animals in the jungle say that’s just her pride talking, and it was really from getting stuck by a branch while sashaying along on a jungle path.


But regardless, she proudly raises her trunk dramatically to her forehead while she holds her head up high and poses with a front foot atop a vintage marble amongst her sparkling, rhinestone infested “jungle” consisting of a fancy silver caged filigree button w/white background, rhinestone studded white ball, Trifari bracelet lacy link, angel, clear art glass beads with silver foil strips with glowing drops at intervals that came from a damaged 1920s necklace.


If you think I have a thing about pachyderms, you’re probably right!   Also, during the mid-century, figurines were “in” and so were elephants – hence, when I am in antique stores looking for components or centerpieces, I have obtained a number of them.

Weathered King Art Couture Cuff

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Beautiful white elephant princess bracelet cuff from Eye Impact Art!  Built on a 2” wide brass cuff and she rises 3 ¼” making the stand-alone height 5” x 3 ¼” x 3 ¾”

On the bottom side of the cuff, at the ends, there are silver tone metal curb chains and gray cording so that it sits flat and if being worn it won’t catch on a table cloth, sleeve, or knock stuff at a desk… I test them all by wearing them while working on other art pieces or while at my computer keyboard.

If you are interesting in learning more about these noble living creatures, here's a link for you:


Another creation of mine that speaks to the plight of elephants today: Ebony & Ivory Elephant Art Couture Cuff



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