Cocker-poodle-do! Whimsical Pooch Structural Art


It’s a Shaker!  Rock it back and forth to hear the tiny beads I put under it to make it growl in a playful way.


The old marble and beads are in the same shade of green as the canine’s leash.  The old faux pearls used are the same color as the resin pooch’s fur.  The puppy is a star so there’s one atop its noggin and frosted with a matching green caviar paste.

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Beautiful custom dog bracelet from Eye Impact Art!  It is built on a 2” wide brass cuff with the 3” puppy atop and the overall standing height is 5”.  Truthfully, while this one is sized for a “modern woman” and is wearable.  However, I think it will serve the cocker/poodle lover best as a cute collectible for display.  What a unique gift for that canine lover who has everything!

Then finished with grass green tiny glass beads mixed with glue to make a paste called caviar to hide any glue, brass plate, and in general enhance and strengthen the piece - it is something that takes extra time, and materials, but is the difference between the ordinary and special… kind of like the difference between a mutt and a Cockapoo…

BTW, I can create one in your favorite pet!

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