Weathered Sea Shell Art Couture Cuff


This is an easy-to-wear cuff of woven wire with genuine sea shells that must have tumbled a long while in the ocean as they are color-leached and worn.  Someone might call it a metaphor for the human aging process (certainly my mirror would agree.)


My husband and I picked these from Myrtle Beach seaside where we were having a little R & R before participating in an Atlanta Art Show in 2019.

This one is priced based on smaller size of cuff with fewer components and hence, less complex.  I usually only list these on my Etsy EyeImpact shop.



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Built on a 1 ¼” woven wire cuff; it is 2” wide at its center.


The color scheme is a neutral (not gold/not silver), with a vintage clear marble, mother of pearl dangle and chain.


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