Warm White Rose Corsage Wrist Couture with Wrap Bracelet


Delicate crepe paper ruffled edges made of bisque porcelain with a golden rod colored center – the vintage marble is in matching shades.


It is mounted on a Velcro adjustable 2” wide mustard leather vintage belt and surrounded with faux pearl costume jewelry.


There are numerous iridescent long beige beads “fluffing” up and protecting the petals, faux pearl vintage earrings, a white disc with golden flowers on it (used to be an earring) that echo the rich tones of this composition built on a coil of metal that used to be a bangle bracelet.


By the way, my daughter wore one engineered as this one for her wedding instead of a bouquet.  Here’s a sister piece to hers for sale Black & White Wedding Couture Cuff


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This beautiful warm white rose corsage was made on a mustard leather vintage belt. Overall, it measures 3 ¼” x 4” x 2 ¾” and is wearable for that time where quietly spectacular is your goal.

There is a sister piece already listed Old Fashion White Rose Wrist Corsage Couture Wrap Bracelet

A word about my quality control… nearly everything I create has been dropped a number of times by the time it is finished!  Sometimes, it bounces on carpet from a height, sometimes several feet to a ceramic tile floor!  As you might imagine, that really tests the integrity of my construction.  If something breaks, I fix it, but you can be confident that it will stand up to gentle wearing.  You can wear them to a garden party, but not gardening – you can wear them to a baseball game, but not to play baseball.  You get the picture!  And, of course, they always look lovely just on display at home.


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