Full Heart Structural Art Couture Necklace


Chunky creamy white Lenox porcelain heart is overflowing with faux pearls and flowers and seeing a new life as a unique couture necklace.


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I have repurposed a broken vintage Coro necklace, a KJL enameled flower ring, Sarah Coventry mesh flower with curled petals, a single cuff link set with mother-of-pearl, an AVON faux pearl ring, a vintage clear marble, and various other goodies.


Thirty years of collecting vintage components have gone into this piece… literally, there is nothing that could be found in a retail store today!


The centerpiece is 4.5 inches deep and adjusts in length from 14.5 inches to 21 inches so it can be worn to flatter a variety of garment necklines!



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..A truly unique couture heart necklace!

Lenox: A True American success story!

Its long history started in 1889 by Walter Scott Lenox (1859-1920) in Trenton in New Jersey. Lenox originally began as an art studio.  There, he produced the ceramic articles of “civilized life”.  However, with only 18 employees at his company, he was unable to mass produce them.

The company produced elaborately decorated plates.  Consequently, with its success in the 19th century, the company began producing complete sets of dinnerware. For over fifty years, the company produced some incredible designs.  Due to hiring talented, award winning designers.   Lenox was the first company to develop a bridal registry, which was displayed in The Smithsonian.  The company has won many awards in the tableware industry.

Over the years, the corporation changed its name many times to reflect the needs of a given era and as well as business.  Regardless of the date on the calendar, the name LENOX has always been synonymous with quality and beauty meeting practical purpose.



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