Toy China Pitcher Art Couture Cuff


Sweet cream might have poured into tiny cups at a make believe “tea time” some where in its past.  The pitcher and a cup were orphaned, and now have new lives of whimsy surrounded with vintage costume jewelry components.

It has a sister piece made of a tea cup from the same set – wear one on each arm, or display together.

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I often explain that these are wearable:  you can wear them to a garden party, but not gardening – you can wear them to a baseball game, but not to play baseball.  You get the picture!  And, of course, they always look lovely just on display at home.

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All the components are atop a 1 ½” brass cuff.  There is some adjustment in size even though every surface is covered because of the flexible adhesive used.

It is stable as a display piece, but I have designed the ends to be flat so if it is worn it will not catch on clothing nor keyboard.


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