Tough Little Tile Bracelet; Colorful Talavera Pottery Assemblage


I have bound leather to edge of the ceramic tile (so it doesn’t snag nor chafe.)  It is mounted on an upcycled coordinating blue enameled vintage cuff. The blue heart charm echoes the heart design on the tile and accented with a vintage peewee clear-y marble and glass caviar. 


The tile measures 2 1/16” square and is low level and light weight.  As part of my quality control, I dropped it from 4’ high and it fell to a tile floor and nothing broke nor separated!  (Okay, I didn’t drop it on purpose – it just fell off the shelf, but it was even tougher than I expected.)

Other examples of Talavera pottery use in my art Frog Fiesta Cuff in Green   Painted Daisy Tile Necklace



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Talavera Pottery had its origins in Spain - Talavera de la Reina, a city and municipality in the western part of the province of Toledo, Spain.  In the U.S.  it is still more recognized as the brightly colored Mexican pottery where it is still being manufactured with the same techniques as in the 16th Century.  Today it must meet a number of standards to be approved as genuine Talavera and food safe.



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