Ballerina & Boston Terrier Story Cuff


Once upon a time, there was a beautiful ballerina and she had a handsome suitor (and he knew it) from Boston.  They intended to marry and live happily ever after… so much for best laid plans because he insulted a sorceress who promptly turned him into the dog (male version of what he called her) forever.  No antidote.


The dog could have stayed home and moped, and the ballerina could have shrugged her pretty shoulders and gone on without him.  However, they chose to go on together – he watched her rehearse and went to every show waiting in her dressing room… they were never apart and traveled all around the world together.  Even on this cuff they are together!


Morals of the story:

  1. Arrogance and rudeness are ugly in man and beast; and,
  2. Love is the light that shines into every circumstance enabling  us to be Joyful even when our plans go awry.


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Terrier Art Bracelet

Mounted on a 2 ½” wide brass cuff, this terrier art bracelet makes the perfect gift for the dog lover in your life.  The dog figurine is surrounded by vintage costume jewelry primarily from the 1950s.  You will also find some chunky gray rhinestone links from a broken elasticized bracelet from the 1990s.  All the different hoops add an airiness that belies the weight of its story.

There is an old marble from a Chinese Checkers game. The thing that moves is his collar which reads “Boston” and has a dangling gray glass bead.

Thirty years of collecting vintage components have gone into this piece... literally, there is nothing that could be found in a retail store today!

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