Fantasy Fowl Teal II Couture Cuff


I like ducks – I can not lie – on land they waddle with big flat feet – on water they glide and fly!  It sounds like a modern rap… Okay, okay, I will stick to creating couture art, not lyrics nor rhyme.

It looked like a water fowl to me, so I looked for it in a Western Bird Field Guide – granted it wasn’t exhaustive nor world-wide, but the closest bird of similar colors was the Cinnamon Teal female.  Realistically, it is probably a bird of the manufacturer’s designer imagination.  With that disclaimer, it has wonderful rich colors – cinnamon browns and marine blue.

These are certainly wearable, however they look spectacular on display as mini sculptures, especially together.  To see its co-creation…



By the way, due to the type of glues I use being water resistant, these can go for a dip just like real duck without them falling apart or fear of shrinkage.

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Built on a 2” brass cuff, it the construction only rises a bit over an inch, so is low-level enough to make it easy-to-wear for daily non-athletic activities; with jeans, a business suit, or for a bit of unique interest for a date night cocktail.

Components to notice… old cateye marble, brown moonglow Lucite leaves, treasure from a button box, wood beads & seeds.  Other than the figurine, the most noticeable feature is a 1990s earring with five dangles!  Finished off with a rich bronze glass caviar paste.


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