SWAROVSKI Star Christmas Tree – Rhinestone Rockefeller Pin


There are 5 stars worked into this SWAROVSKI signed tree composition… can you find them?


Bezel set blue, red, green, yellow, and violet rhinestones as ornaments; as are clear tear drop and navette shaped stones.  Clear rhinestones are prong set in rhodium plated silver tone metal.


In SWAROVSKI’s superior construction, it is as beautiful on back as the front… check out the visible five stars!  It bears the copyrighted swan logo at the center of the lower left hand star.


It measures 2 ¾” x 2 ¼”; all stones are bright and sparkly; settings are secure; pin shank straight; it looks like it’s never been worn!

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This SWAROVSKI Star Christmas Tree is a perfect pin for the season!  My thanks to MORNING GLORY ANTIQUES for all her research on Swarovski jewelry. I set out to research and write about it, but found that she had already done such a nice job of it - I couldn't do better!  Hence, the links to her site.  And, as a side note, she is someone you can do business with confidently - she is fair and only has the "best" quality.     https://www.morninggloryjewelry.com/

Using their high quality crystals and finishes, these pieces also have some of the best enamel work and lovely designs. Swarovski made tree brooches annually for different locations (Nordstrom, Rockefeller Center, etc).  At times the tree brooches were for general sale and some included the date.


SWAROVSKI is a name that denotes high quality, and has for decades. They started their line of jewelry in 1977.  Long before that, in the late 1880s, they were famous for their innovative crystal cutting techniques.  The pieces included brilliant crystals and unmatched clarity. They are pioneers of high quality.  The company is respected for their crystal lenses, ornaments and rhinestones. SWAROVSKI had an established name long before they ever made a single piece of finished jewelry.

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Daniel Swarovski was the founder of the company.  He was born in Northern Bohemia in 1862. It was a large jewelry center at that time. In about 1895 he moved to Austria, where the company headquarters remains today. The 4th and 5th generation of the family still runs the company.  The quality is still unrivaled!  Beginning in about 1977 they started their line of costume jewelry. By 1989 their maker’s mark was the Swarovski swan logo.

Some of my favorite Swarovski jewelry was made in the 1990s.  For instance, I was in love with their larger and more colorful pieces. Morning Glory was a Swarovski dealer for several years back then, as well as representing Ciner jewelry. A Swarovski flyer from the 1990s states: "We insist on crafting every piece of jewelry by hand, it must first pass from hand to hand through a long and rigorous process."  "Featuring brilliant Austrian crystals, each piece in the collection is hand polished front and back."

Each SWAROVSKI piece comes marked with the company logo. Until early 2006, Swarovski sold their jewelry in better department stores and boutiques.



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