Five Penny Egg Structural Art Cuff


A penny for your thoughts?  How about five of them?!


Five pennies are in bezels and dangle from what used to be a charm bracelet, but now acts as a crown atop, (what a rock hound friend identified as) Travertine stone egg.


Remember the “I Spy” books?  Or, “Where’s Waldo?”  Well, my work is “I Spy” on the wrist!  On this piece look for something that dangles (5 pennies), a vintage marble, a crucifix, an eagle, a be-hatted wooden peasant holding a bird, tiger eye stone, several pieces of laminated layered wood, and another Lincoln Head.

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This unique structural art cuff is a perfect statement piece.  It was built on a 3” wide cuff, it rises 1 ¾” making the overall height 3 ½”.  It is edged with a flexible gold chain, utilizes some textured flat pop-it links from the 50s at the base of the ends of the cuff so the piece will stand alone, and if worn while writing or key boarding it will not bang nor catch on things.

Because of the Travertine egg, this piece is rather heavy, but is well balanced and not too tipsy-top-heavy to wear, although, this cuff is one that will be most comfortable to wear over the top of a sleeve of some sort.  Or, display as a mini sculpture.

Since there are “egg” collectors out there, here are a couple others I’ve created…


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