Stripes & Diamonds Painted Wood Egg Cuff


One of a trio of painted wooden Easter Eggs you can wear any time of year!  The design is a complex striped design in oranges, tans, black and a green. The components on this piece span five decades – 1940s through 1990s!


The base atop the brass cuff base is a GT bangle bracelet with the egg at the center and encrusted with recycled vintage components:  parts of a bracelet of squares of moonglow Lucite by Coro; a cateye marble; there are teardrops of amber glass from Austria; old glass buttons; several 1950s amber rhinestone earrings, pierced earrings from the 1970s-1990s.


There are a couple tacks commemorating the Pikes Peak Railroad… why?  Because the colors work and I thought they were interesting; a tack of the flag of Mexico; a tack of 3 humans holding hands; and of course, a detachable dangle (you can change it out if you desire.)

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It is built on a 2” brass cuff and the construction rises 1 ¾”, making its free-standing dimensions, 3 ½ x 3 ½” x 2 ¾” which makes it a wearable, bold statement piece – and of course, will look spectacular on display, too!

Thirty years of collecting vintage components have gone into this piece... literally, there is nothing that could be found in a retail store today!

Remember the “I Spy” books?  Or, “Where’s Waldo?”  Well, my work is “I Spy” on the wrist!  Finding all the listed components will take you a little while since there are more than 60 items on this piece! 

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