Teissedre Story Teller Turtle Cuff


The history of the Pueblo Peoples is fascinating! Here is a link with short bios of the tribal communities https://www.newmexico.org/places-to-go/native-culture/pueblos-tribes-nations/

Links to established pottery sites where you can learn more about the creation process, but also stock a number of pieces to purchase – it’s a great way to support the creators of this art form!http://nativeamerican-art.com/pottery-overview.html

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In the tradition of Native Puebloan peoples - the pottery story teller turtle features children in traditional regalia. There is a cool volcanic (perhaps part of an asteroid) rock, obsidian and lava beads...

This piece is currently on display for sale at David Behrens, Painted Sky Gallery in Old Town, Albuquerque, New Mexico.


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